Alex and Ani

If you're looking for highly unique jewelry, there's just no better place than Alex and Ani. Upon first laying eyes on their collection, you'll notice that most of their pieces are unlike anything you've seen from other jewelry stores. It's fun. It's unique. It's expressive. And the variety of styles is unmatched in the market. So many fun styles, designs, materials, colors, themes, charms, trinkets, and various other dangly things. It really is its own little world.

Alex and Ani's mission is to make high quality jewelry that allows its customers to express their themselves genuinely. And they've done just that. Everybody can find something on Alex and Ani that will make them say "Oh that is SO me!" While they have plenty of classic styles available, most of their jewelry is nowhere near as trend-following or cookie-cutter as most jewelry stores. Alex and Ani makes jewelry for the individual; not for the market at large. Their jewelry is meant to be unique and individualized, not generic and trendy. And that is a beautiful thing. Wear what you believe in. Believe in what you wear. That's what Alex and Ani says. And I couldn't agree more. As far as they're concerned, if your jewelry doesn't express yourself in a genuine way, it's not doing its job.

What's more, the company is careful to use high-quality material, and clean, recycled metals. Gotta love a brand that has principles. Speaking of principles, the prices on Alex and Ani are excellent. They're respectfully low, while not being suspiciously low. It's that perfect sweet spot of pricing where it's enough that you know you're getting quality items without being expensive, and low enough that you won't have buyer's remorse, without undervaluing their work, or making you concerned that it's cheaply produced.

If you want some fun, unique jewelry that expresses who you are, at very reasonable prices, do not miss Alex and Ani.

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