AllSaints is a fashion brand known primarily for its jackets and sweaters. At least initially; it has since expanded its collection to include, well, just about everything. Dresses, tops, shoes, bags, denim, accessories, women's & men's collections, you name it. The quality of the clothing is exceptional. Which is amazing, because it also happens to be very sustainable produced.

The brand makes it clear that they are ethically conscious, and that this philosophy permeates into every step of their clothing production. Be it their use of recycled yarns, recycled materials, responsible wools and vegetable-tanned leathers, the innovative factories that use 90% less water than traditional textile plants, and even plant-based shirts, AllSaint is committed to providing ethically produced, high-quality fashion. This is no afterthought, but a foundational principle upon which the company was built.

The clothing at AllSaints is exceptional, and tends to have a very unique aesthetic. The dresses in particular are like something you've never seen before. The various patterns, cuts, and styles will guarantee that your look is unique, and was crafted by designers with a sharp eye for artistic fashion. Even monochrome items like tee shirts and hoodies have interesting design choices that give them life and make them stand out. Even the artistic design and placements of the AllSaints logo can elevate an otherwise plain looking shirt into an eye-catching fashion piece.

Given that the sweaters and jackets are AllSaints forte, I'd be remiss if I didn't gush about them. And gush-worthy they are! The brand offers a full menu of sweaters; cardigans, hoodies, jumpers, and knits. And if you want the best hoodie you've ever had in your life, you'll find it here. Their hoodies are big, roomie, comfortable, and believe or not, stylish! AllSaints has managed to create the perfect blend of style and coziness. The hoodies are just as cozy and snuggly on the couch as they are stylish and modern out and about running errands. Many of them have unique designs that I haven't seen elsewhere. Like the hoodie dress for instance! If I had to recommend one item, it'd be this. At home on the couch, it's like a snuggy. But out on the town, it just looks like a very comfortable fashion dress. This is a rare and beautiful combo that you're unlikely to find anywhere else.

AllSaints' jacket game is strong. They have a vast selection of types, styles, color, and patterns of jackets, most of which are extremely unique items. They make jackets in all different styles, fabrics, and looks, and for all different occasions. Warm, full length wool for snowy nights out to dinner, business-casual retro blazers for the office, denim or leather with style and attitude, you name it. One thing they all have in common is unique style. Even the most basic and minimalistic jackets have a splash of design, without being try-hard. Extra flaps, zippers, pockets, and buttons are frequently used cleverly to make jackets pop. The results are jackets that have the boldness of minimalism, without being boring, and the flare of high fashion, without being bizarre. It's the best of both worlds.

The prices are fair, and right no par with the quality. But if the price point is still a bit steep, keep a close eye on the website. they almost always have sales going on, as much as 50% off. And these aren't overstocked clearance items that they can't move. Even their most popular item see frequent discount. So if you're in the market for some unique, bold, high quality fashion pieces, and if sustainability and ethical practices are important to you, then look no further than AllSaints.

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