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Shopping has always been a nightmare for me. As a curvy girl, big-boned babe, husky woman (or whatever you want to call it,) I have never been interested in shopping. After all, who wants to see themselves dressed in a tent? Not me! And let’s face it, designers have never catered to larger women, and never cared if we wanted to look and feel pretty. I promise you I have spent most of my life looking for the perfect sweater or poncho to hide my flab, or the ever-elusive pants that would paint my curves in all the right places, all to no avail.

But after years and years of being made to feel “less than,” I recently stumbled upon the Ashley Stewart brand, and I don’t know what took me so long to find it. My life changed for the better that very day. To say that Ashley Stewart understands what it is like to be a bigger woman is an understatement. And to say they work hard to make plus sized women feel beautiful is also absolutely true. I have already enjoyed several shipments of Ashley Stewart’s designs that have made me feel both pretty and put together.

There are so many styles and pieces in their collection that are just absolutely spot on. For example, I am in love with their high waisted jeans and pants which allow my curves to settle into all the right places. And boy, does Ashley Stewart understand how to make a beautiful top. From their peplum top to their sexy tops with pretty puff sleeves, I am always stunned by the variety of styles and colors they offer to women who have always had trouble finding the simplest of garments to wear.  One of my favorite things are their many coats and wraps, which help me feel pretty even as I cover up the things I prefer to cover up. From their dusters to their capes and everything in between, Ashley Stewart truly has some stunning outerwear.

Although you can’t put a price on comfort and feeling good about yourself, Ashley Stewart actually does a great job of respecting my budget. I can get a whole outfit for less than I can at many of the other fashion stores, and I know I will look and feel my best in these Ashley Stewart clothes. I am also always astounded at the deep discount sales they have. For instance, I just bought a few of my favorite peplum tops in stylish colors, and they were a full 50% off. What I love about the Ashley Stewart company is that they also put the New Arrivals on a deep discount, instead of just discounting the old or out of season choices.

Another one of my favorite things about Ashley Stewart is how easy they make it to shop. The website is extremely organized into sections, and it makes it so easy for me to find exactly what I need. They have so many different styles and sizes to choose from, and this is definitely the store for me. As if that was not enough, they also offer free delivery for orders over 50 dollars, and that ratchets up the savings even more. Whether I want to get some new jeans or dresses, check out the plethora of accessories, or enjoy a look at the clearance section, the website is easy to navigate, and I know I won’t break the bank.

The bottom line (pun intended) is that Ashley Stewart makes me feel good in clothes for the first time in my memory. They have turned clothes shopping from a nightmare into a dream for me. No matter what I am looking for, there is a pretty good chance that I can find it on the Ashley Stewart website, which is easy to navigate and offers me free shipping on orders over 50 dollars. With Ashley Stewart by my side, I know I will look and feel my best, and you certainly can’t put a price on that!

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