bebe used to have brick and mortar stores across the country. But like many retailers, the competition of online shopping proved to be daunting. Unlike other stubborn retailers, bebe employed the "if you can't beat 'em join 'em" strategy, and transitioned from retailer to e-trailer. This adaptation proved to be an excellent move, as the fashion brand is now thriving as an online-only retail store, and it's one of the few internet only fashion brands that had been legitimized by a successful history in the 3d world.

The styles at bebe are one of a kind. Browse through their catalog and you'll mostly see unique styles that you've never seen before. With so many cookie-cutter trend-mimicking e-tailers, it's nice to find one of the trend-bending or even trend-setting variety. The style at bebe is modern, chic, and contemporary, and the clothing is very high quality. In a digital world plagued by fast fashion and cheap clothing, bebe stands out as one e-tailer that delivers the goods! Bebe is up-scale clothing. I wouldn't quite say it's luxury status, but don't think you'll get off easy price-wise. The prices at bebe are right on part with the quality. The good news is that they almost almost have sales running.

Bebe is a one stop shop of sorts. You'll find just about everything a girl needs. Dresses, tops, blouses, jumpsuits, jackets, shoes, makeup, accessories, you name it, and for just about every occasion. Work, play, evenings out, casual afternoons in, weddings, everything! And the quality remains steady across the lineup. Their cosmetics are particularly fantastic.

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