Talk about a brand that needs no introduction. Honestly, I'm not sure what to say that COACH's reputation hasn't already. I might as well be trying to tell you about Maserati or Bentley. And that's basically what we have here. COACH is the Bentley of handbags. I wouldn't even say it's "top shelf merchandise" more like secret room in the back, kept in a vault at night kinda merchandise. When it comes to luxury bags, COACH is truly in a class of its own. Aside from being of exceptional quality and craftsmanship, the brand is basically a household name that is practically synonymous with high-end purse. the ubiquity of this brand alone speaks volumes.

Based in New York, the brand has been honing its craft for over 75 years. So you know they're doing something right. They craft beautiful bags, that tend to have a classic, minimal, and timeless look. You won't find a lot of flashy bling or gaudy accoutrements on COACH bags. Instead, expect to find classy, minimal looks that are equal parts classic and modern. kets, outerwear, you name it. Coach offers a gorgeously curated catalog of unique looks that do the label proud. And given that COACH products are made to last, you may very well be toting your COACH bag 3 decades from now, and the style is likely to be just as relevant.

The selection is vast; they offers hundreds of styles. While there are plenty of materials to choose from, COACH's specialty is leather. Leather craftsmanship has been the company's bread and butter since 1941. So if you're going COACH, I highly recommend you stick with their forte. Purses, of course, are not the only thing you'll find at COACH. They offer a vast suite of totes, clutches, backpacks, luggage, and wallets, catering to both men and women. Women can also find exceptional clothing and shoes. And these are no afterthought. The quality of the clothing is on part with the bags. Dresses, tops, jac


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