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Karen Kane is self-described as a boho chic fashion brand. But take a stroll through their online catalog, and you'll realize it's much more than that. While there are plenty of boho-chic styles, the brand offers a wide variety of styles that is above and beyond what you're likely to find from most "boho" brands (same goes for "chic" brands.) In fact, I would say most of the pieces are noticeably classier and more sophisticated than your run of the mill boho styles, and significantly more versatile than typical boho fashion that tends to be pretty niche.

Many of the dresses and tops, for instance, would look just fitting while driving your VW microbus down the inter-coastal with a flowers in your hair, as they would at Sunday brunch in a nice restaurant, as they would at a graduation ceremony. Many of the dresses could be worn at the office just as easily as they could be worn on vacation. The versatility is a refreshing standout feature among the clothing at Karen Kane. Most of the items can be worn just about anywhere and for most occasions!

The company prides itself on making clothing that is not only fashionable and high-quality, but also comfortable. This is where the chic/boho blend really shines. Karen Kane essentially offers the best of both worlds; the fashion and allure of chic with the gratifying comfort of boho. It's a beautiful and rare combination.

The prices are very reasonable. In fact, given the quality of the clothing, and the care put into the design, I would say you get significantly more for your money at Karen Kane than at just about any other brand that comes to mind. The clothing not only looks and feels incredible, but it lasts!

While not necessarily a mainstream, household name, Karen Kane is reputable enough to catch the fancy of mainstream department stores the like of Macy's, Belk, Dillard's, Nordstrom, in which Karen Kane is practically a staple. We can see why. The versatility, variety, and high quality of the clothing makes it an ideal brand for retail stores to carry.

The company has a strong ethical foundation that permeates into all of its practices. The company began as a "mom and pop" operation of sorts. And the philosophies Speaking of best of both worlds, at Karen Kane you get the sustainability and ethical practices of a small designer with the quality and selection of a big one. The company's ethical, practices and values have remained an integral part of its operation throughout its growth. The brand continues to embrace respect, environmentalism, ethical sourcing, sustainability, transparency, & charitable giving. And they put their money where their mouth is by routinely contributing to a laundry list of charitable organizations that you can find on the website.

There's just nothing like buying high quality clothing from good people.

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