The French fashion house was founded in 1970 and created by Kenzo Takada, whose Japanese background inspired him to create the brand’s looks based on his Japanese influences and the culture of Paris. For that reason, the company has upheld his creative concept to this day, merging exotic prints with an ethnic twist, as well as many floral designs. The brand has an extensive range of styles that spreads from high-fashion runway to casual everyday. You'll find modern designer gowns on the bleeding edge of fashion, comfy sweatshirts and loungewear, and everything in between. The selection is enormous, especially for a designer brand. Men's, women's, kid's, accessories, bags, shoe, etc.

While the brand is unashamed designer luxury, you wouldn't know it by looking at the prices. Kenzo creates some of the most affordable styles in this market, while sitting right at home with brands at a much higher price point. What's more, they even offer an Outlet section with even better prices. The down to Earth pricing and wide range of styles make Kenzo one of the more practical designer luxury brands. You get the best of both; high quality fashion for truly any occasion (casual to formal,) all at reasonable prices. That's why we love Kenzo! (not to mention the unique blend of styles, that you won't be able to find elsewhere.)

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