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If you've been to Los Angeles, you know it has a certain style to it. The popular styles in the city embrace minimalistic fashion-forward looks that aren't flashy, gaudy, or noisy. But a bit reserved, laid-back, modern, and simplistic, while still trendy and alluring. Los Angeles Apparel perfectly captures the fashion vibes of its city of origin, and exports said style to the rest of the world.

The company is founded by the same folks that brought you American Apparel and the quality of clothing is equal; that is to say exceptional. For a "local" brand, they offer a truly enormous selection of items in just about every category. Dresses, tops, pants, bodysuits, leggings, intimates, bags, etc. They focus on the "basics," and typical avoid flashiness or gaudiness. The minimalistic, yet on-trend style of LA Apparel is its trademark.

Also like American Apparel, the brand goes to great lengths to ensure that employees are well trained & skilled, and that care goes into the creation of every piece. This attention to detail is something that is rare in the hustling bustling world of fashion, which is often quick to dismiss personal attention at the behest of mass production and raising the bottom line. Where other brands zoom out, LA Apparel zooms in. In fact, not the least of their strong ethical core philosophies is a dedication to fair wages, treatment, and training of all of their employees. From the sewing tables to the board room.

Speaking of ethics, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that ethics are the driving force of the brand upon which the sale of fashionable clothing just so happens to ride. The brand is equally dedicated to sustainability, eco-friendly practices, fair treatment, transparency. The company is vertically integrated, and in complete control of every step in the process. They support local farmers and material suppliers. And these are all just the values of their production process. Beyond that they are committed to the community, both local and national, and take pride in offering rewarding jobs and in community outreach.

If you're looking for on-trend, minimalist looks that embrace CA vibes and are produced by a company with ethical values of fair treatment and sustainability, then I recommend making LA Apparel a staple.

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