Shoespie is my new favorite shoe store! Or... site that is. It's an exclusively online destination where you'll find a plethora of shoes at amazing prices. It's basically the shoe equivalent of a site like SHEIN or ROMWE. Think of it as fast fashion for feet. The selection of shoes on this site is amazing. Classy work heels, sexy 4" stilettos, cute beach sandals, sultry knee high suede boots, UGG clones, trend-bending rainbow sneakers, comfy preppy boat slippers, you name it. They have every kind of shoe, and an impressive variety of styles.

The baseline prices are low. Like really low. And in addition they almost always have sales going on that compound the savings. Don't let the prices fool you though, you won't be disappointed in the quality, especially given the price. Don't be expecting Steve Madden or anything, but the quality of craftsmanship in on par with other popular discount shoe brands like DSW or Zappos.

For you impulse buyers out there (guilty,) they also have a lineup of clothing. Dresses, tops, pants, activewear, even lingerie! The quality isn't quite as good as the shoes, but it's about what you would expect from any other fast fashion site, like those mentioned above.

In you're in the market for some new kicks and want to take it easy on your purse, Shoespie is one of the better option on the internet. And they've basically cornered the fast-fashion footwear market.

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