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Stella & Dot is a brand that we love, just as much for what they sell as for what they believe, and the message they hope to spread. The brand (named after the founders' mentor-esque Grandmothers,) is a company that believes in empowering women to embrace their inner and outer beauty, and to support one another. They want to be the drop that creates a positive "ripple effect" through our communities that will encourage and women to accomplish incredible things, and to live on their own terms. To do this, the company in not only very pro-active in the community, but has woven its philosophies into the very fabric of its company. Not only by creating fashion pieces meant to evoke and express empowerment, support, and joy, but also by being proactive in communities, and by building a network of brand ambassadors that can partake in the business itself (more on that below.)

Ok ok that's all great. But what about the products?! Suffice it to say, Stella & Dot has all but cornered the high-quality low price-point market. The jewelry in particular is of exceptional quality whilst remaining entirely affordable. In fact, the brand has quite possibly the largest selection of high-quality items for under $100 that we've ever seen! The items range in look from casual& everyday to legit luxurious. We're not sure how they accomplish such quality and luxurious designs at such low prices; all we know is that this is a rare, and beautiful combination. Jewelry isn't all the brand offers though. You'll find no shortage of accessories, cosmetics, bags, clothing and more. All of comparable quality, and all comparably affordable.

Ok so I mentioned the brand ambassador thing. You can sign up to be an ambassador for Stella & Dot, meaning you can promote their products, sell to friends and family, and refer other ambassadors. You can even open your own digital white-label store, to list products that you sell. You earn ridiculous commissions on items (20%-40%,) not to mention crazy discounts on products. It's a pretty low-maintenance and easy way to build a side hustle. And if you're as obsessed with fashion or cosmetics as I am, it could even become your main hustle. To date, the company has paid something in the neighborhood of $550,000,000 to its ambassadors (that's not a typo.)

So whether you want jewelry of exceptional quality at exceptionally low prices and/or are interested in being and ambassador for some extra cash, Stella & Dot will rise to the occasion on both accounts. And the feeling of being part of such an empowering crusade (be it as a customer or ambassador,) is gratifying in and of itself.

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