Agent Provocateur

This is my new favorite lingerie brand! If you haven't lain eyes on Agent Provocateur's bold, sensual, and unashamedly provocative lingerie yet, you must go now. In fact, don't even read this, I fear I won't be able to do the brand's style justice. But I'll try! Every piece of lingerie at Agent Provocateur is all extremely unique. That's the first thing you'll notice.

The second thing you'll notice is that they are unashamedly sexual. Not in a lewd or tacky way. But in a sophisticated & seductive, come-hither way. These undies aren't fooling around. They're bold, sexy, luxurious, and highly suggestive. You won't find cozy tee shirt bras, or comfy granny panties here (they do offer an "everyday" lineup, but even these items are noticeably suggestive and stylish.) The styles at Agent Provocateur are designed to empower their wearer with sexual confidence, and to stun anybody lucky enough to catch a glimpse. These are statement undies if I've ever seen them, and are simply dripping with attitude and overt sensuality. And the quality is on par with the style. Make no mistake, Agent Provocateur is a luxury brand that offers exceptional quality.

The brand began as a boutique, and has seen meteoric growth into a global company that is a major contender making a splash in the lingerie market. But don't worry, the brand has stayed true to its boutique roots, retaining all of its originality, careful design, and love for the craft. One look at this lingerie and you can tell it was made with love by masters of the trade. This is underwear art.

They offer vast selection of unique styles in every kind of lingerie. Bras, panties, sets, corsets, bodysuits, bridal and more. Thy also have swimwear collection that dang near rivals the blood, sexy luxury of their lingerie. And their dresses are absolute room killers! If you need a sexy and sophisticated cocktail dress or a neck-breaking standout slip for a night out, Agent Provocateur has you covered (although "coverage" may vary...)

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