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One of the more discouraging aspects of shopping for professional attire is that the most office-appropriate choices are often really uninspiring. Ann Taylor solves that problem by delivering items in fun colors and patterns with HR-friendly silhouettes. Picture knee-length pencil skirts, blouses with cute details (hello ruffled sleeves!), and tailored suiting that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

Ann Taylor clearly isn't the place for of-the-moment trends, but that's rarely what you need for the office. If your job requires a conservative, somewhat formal look, you can find it at Ann Taylor, and for a great value. Blazers and pants are mostly priced under $200, with some under-$100 options available.

Though the clothes aren't always the most exciting, Ann Taylor is our top pick because of the sheer range of items — you'd be hard-pressed to find something inappropriate for work in one of its stores — and affordable prices. The brand's frequent sales make shopping even less painful.

The one major downside to shopping at Ann Taylor is that the size range is fairly limited. Most items run from XXS to XXL with Petite and Tall options, but there isn't much by way of extended sizing

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