Plus-sized fashion is becoming mainstream, which is amazing news for all my thicc ladies out there. Many mainstream and even fast fashion brands have added plus sized categories to their sites and off many of their trendiest styles in inclusive size ranges. This is all well and good, but it just doesn't compare to an entire brand dedicated to plus-sized fashion. They're becoming more popular, but they're still very few and far between. Enter Avenue!!

This is far and away one of the best brands for plus-sized fashion (many would even argue, it's the best.) The retailer caters exclusively to plus-sized women, meaning that the styles aren't converted versions of average sized-clothing, but are instead created from the ground up with plus sized ladies in mind. Avenue clearly understands that fashion is a little bit different for larger ladies. Many of the styles are designed to flatter and complement thiccer physiques specifically. Whether you're looking to conceal or accentuate certain features of your bod, whether you want shapely and slimming or loose and flowy, you'll find all of the above and everything in between at Avenue.

What's more, many of the fashions on Avenue are typically extremely unique. While they definitely offer plus sized renditions of trendy styles, their catalog is full of beautiful, unique items that you're unlikely to find elsewhere. Often times plus-sized sections or stores can be very bland. Not so at Avenue. Expect to find just as many trend-setters and trend-bender as you would at an independent designer's boutique.

The selection of clothing is vast. Avenue has literally everything. Tops, dresses, bottoms, jeans, swimwear, coats, PJs, lingerie, shoes. It's a one-stop shop for all things in your size. And the sales are frequent and generous. And the styles within any given category are equally vast. Whether you like to ride the wave of the latest fashion trends, pioneer new paths with unique styles, or stand out and make a statement with unique styles, Avenue will come through for you.

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