Harrod's is one of the oldest, most well-established, and most popular department stores in existence. And one could be forgiven for claiming that it's the most well-known, most prestigious luxury department store. The business is almost 200 years old and is basically a historical staple of London. If you've never visited the palatial storefront, you simply won't believe it isn't a castle. The over 1 million square foot store (not a typo,) sprawls across 5 acres, and houses over 330 departments, as well as restaurants, coffee shops, a spa and salon, a barber's shop, catering, tailoring, watch repair, and much more. The old London architecture is simply stunning, and the inside is just as immaculate. It's a tourist attraction for its size and aesthetics alone, to say nothing of its world famous luxury departments. On peak days, the store sees around 300,000 visitors.

Harrod's departments offer a vast variety of items. Products on offer include men's, women's, children's, & infants clothing, jewelry, bridal gowns, suits, electronics, health, beauty, cosmetic, and fragrances, packaged gifts, stationery, housewares, home appliances, furniture, and much more. It goes without saying that the pieces in any given department are luxury. Suffice it to say, you can find any luxury item you can imagine, and they sell items from truly every luxury designer in the market. We're talking over 5,000 luxury brands.

And for those that don't frequent London, all of these luxury items are available on Harrod's website. You can even browse by designer. The website offers a large selection of items from 800 of the most popular luxury designers. Gucci, Prada, Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Versace, Rolex, Burberry, you name it. In case it's not obvious, I should warn you know, you won't be finding budget friendly bargains at Harrods. But saving money isn't the point. Harrod's is top tier luxury through and through. You can expect to get the quality you pay for. And if you're lucky enough to visit the store, nay, castle in London, the experience alone is worth any extra expense.

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