Hello Molly

Hello Molly is one of our favorite discoveries for online fashion. Based in Australia, the company has seen crazy growth since its inception in 2012, thanks largely to social media, influencers, and word of mouth. It now has offices in Los Angeles and Beijing. It's no wonder the brand is doing so well, the clothing is amazing, and so are the prices. The selection is vast, and they add over 100 new styles every week. In other words, the options at Hello Molly are essentially endless. The styles are always on-trend, with plenty of trend-setting and trend-bending fashions as well, and even plenty of unique item that venture off the beaten path of mainstream styles.

And the prices are as attractive as the fashion. They're not bargain-bin prices, but the quality to cost ratio is very gratifying in both regards. You get way more than what you pay for. Most online brands in this price range have clothing quality that ranges from H&M (decent) to items that look and feel like they were made for cheap dolls. But the clothing at Hello Molly is exceptional, on par with brands like GAP or boohoo. I can promise you that you'll never return an item for being disappointing. And they have a vast selection of basically everything. 18 categories of dresses, tops, rompers, pants, skirts, shoes, swimsuits, and their own in-house label of activewear (Elette Fit.) They even have a.... ahem.... "Self Love" category that celebrates the art of solo intimacy, if you get my drift.

The website has a very pleasing personal feel to it. You can sense the influence and passion of the owners in the its design and flow, and the company's philosophies of self-love and empowerment create a cozy, enjoyable, forward-thinking safe space to shop looks that embody who we are as women. The minimalistic and feminine atmosphere of the site makes it feel almost more like a blog than a retail destination. The site is always cute, stylish, and chic, and always fashionably-curated. And it doesn't bombard you with coupons are flashing menus. Typically, the lower the prices of any given online vendor, the more visual noise. Not so with Hello Molly. All this makes for a very pleasant virtual shopping environment. I could spend hours on this site.

If you're looking for trendy clothing of exceptional quality at purse-friendly prices, and an enjoyable shopping experience that feels like coffee on a Saturday morning, Hello Molly is the place to be.

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