Joie is a women's luxury brand that you may never have heard of, but that once you experience, you'll never forget. Joie offer some truly breathtaking, and very original styles, that you won't be finding elsewhere. The majority of their clothing can be described as classy and elegant. The styles have a chic, modern flair to them, but it's not overdone to the point of making bold fashion statements. The clothing is fashionable, yet modest; the kind of styles you can wear in the office and then out to dinner at a nice restaurant, and look equally well-dressed for both occasions.

The prices are appropriate for the quality of clothing. It's not painful for those on a budget, but don't be expect bargains either. You get what you pay for, and Joie delivers exceptional clothing that is accurately priced. It's expensive, but the prices aren't stratospheric like many of the brands Joie easily competes with, and you'll always be satisfied with that you get. The instant you slide on a piece of Joie's attire, you can instantly feel unmistakable quality in the fit and feel.

You know you've found good clothing when it looks good without sacrificing comfort. Their professional styles can be worn all day without that "I desperately need to get into some sweats" feeling. The catalog is simply brimming with silk, and cashmere, and comfort materials of all kinds.

If you're looking for high-quality, fashionable but modest clothing that is as comfortable as it is elegant, Joie will not disappoint.

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