What began as a grass-roots design studios by day/yoga studio by night, has evolved into one of the most omnipresent athletic apparel brands in the market. The vancouver-based company has seen meteoric growth since its beginnings back in the 90s; it is now one of the most popular destinations for athletic apparel, particularly yoga apparel. Which is no surprise, given that Lululemon did in fact begin as a yoga studio. And that influence remains strong, even in the clothing crafted for more robust activities, like endurance sports or strength training, the yoga apparel trademarks of flexibility and minimalistic style are there. But don't worry, the variety of apparel at Lululemon is vast. However you sweat, you'll find items to accommodate for optimal performance, because they now tailor apparel to specific sports or activities, like running, yoga, cycling, weight lifting and more.

The performance and durability of their products is top tier. These items are built to perform and built to last. And they have everything you need to get sweaty. And the styles are fantastic! That's one thing that really sets Lululemon apart from competitors; the many different colors, styles, and patterns make it a really fun shopping experience, and you can find some really unique stuff that you're not likely to see anybody else sporting at yoga class. They have everything you could possibly need to sweat in; yoga pants, leggings, tops, shorts, hoodies, sports bras, undies, hats, you name it. And they have a pleasantly surprising line of clothing too; dresses, loungewear, rompers, and more. Careful, you might come to buy some new yoga pants and leave with fun leggings and some new dresses!

The company has an ethical foundation that permeates every level of the business. From sustainable practices, to fair and equal treatment of employees, to ethical pricing, and even community outreach and empowerment. Sometimes brands are quick to shed their principles as they hit the "big time." But Lululemon brand has retained the philosophies it embodied as a small studio in Vancouver. The fact that these principles continue to endure and remain integrated into the company's operations, even now, as one of the titans in the market, is a testament to their commitment to remaining ethical, and to improving lives and communities. Always nice to buy from a brand that deserves your business, and that cares more about profits.

If you're in the market for some new activewear, you really can't do better than Lululemon.

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