Lulu's started in California in 1996 as an independent, vintage clothing boutique. It has since grown into a fashion mecca, branching out to pretty much any and all styles. From casual to formal. Boho to night out attire. Ironically, they've even become a staple for all things trendy and modern.

Lulus is always on the cutting edge of fashion, adding new trend-bending and trend-setting looks on a daily basis. Here's you'll find must-have dresses, tops, shoes, accessories, beauty products, pretty much anything. Lulu's is a go-to for trend-setting and trend-bending styles. You'll find unique, curated collections, and plenty of exclusive styles. Lulus isn't limited to in-house designers, allowing them to offer a wide variety of looks.

They aren’t quiiiite as inexpensively priced as some of the other websites, but their style options are spot-on and still very reasonable. They definitely still qualify as budget-friendly. And while the auto-generous shopper can find plenty of ways to spoiler herself, the majority of Lulu's clothing will please your purse without compromising on quality. Plus, they offer free returns on all orders and free shipping over $50. 

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