PrettyLittleThing is basically sweeping the fashion world by storm. Not to mention social media. This brand's rise has been meteoric, and if you dabble in the fashion world of social media, odds are you already follow the brand. They're basically ubiquitous, especially on Twitter; at the time of this review they have a whopping 13 million followers. The company has also been openly endorsed by no shortage of en-vogue fashion-savvy celebrities, like Kylie Jenner, Mylie Cyrus, Jessie J, and Nicki Minaj, to name a couple. It also says a lot that the brand is in cahoots with ASOS and Boohoo, two other fashion titans that own a significant piece of the fashion world pie.

While the styles at PrettyLittleThing are predominantly trendy and modern, they offer no shortage of unique trend-bending, trend-setting, and trend-defecting styles that you're unlikely to find elsewhere. The brand not has its fingers firmly on the pulse of bleeding-edge fashion, but is often times part of the hearts that pumping the fashion blood. Many styles that first emerge on PrettyLittleThing quickly sweep through the fashion world like wildfire, thanks to their vast social media reach, and celebrity endorsements. Simply put, whether you're looking to ride the latest fashion wave, or start it, Pretty Little Thing can accommodate.

The prices are extremely reasonable. It's not bargain bin cheap like its overseas competitors/imitators (SHEIN, etc..) but neither is the clothing. The clothing is top shelf quality at mid-shelf prices. Meaning the value is insane. And they basically have sales 24/7 365, so you clearance fiends can always get your fix on some sweet deals.

What does PrettyLittleThing sell? Literally everything. This is basically a one-stop-shop for all things fashion. Tops, dresses, jeans, swimwear, lounge wear. PJs, lingerie and undies, cosmetics, accessories, shoes, beauty, etc. It's like the Amazon of trendy fashion. You could make PrettyLittleThing your only retail destination, and never be left wanting. They have EVERYTHING! They even have one of more vast selections of plus-sized clothing in the fashion world. It's one of the few plus-sized selections that doesn't feels more like it's own sub-brand as opposed to just an afterthought.

The site is also gorgeous, modern, and minimalistic. The design and flow of the site gives the brand an allure of modern luxury. I love navigating the site and just window shopping (screen shopping?) even if I'm not buying things, it's a just an enjoyable experience comparable to strolling through a Gucci store.

If you have yet to experience PrettyLittleThing, consider this me nudging you in that direction. Warning: it'll probably ruin you. But you'll thank me for it.

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