Rachel Zoe

Founded in 2011, Rachel Zoe is a modern fashion brand that embodies timeless, classic looks, with a modern presentation, and occasional splash of 70s glam, boho, or even a little rock and roll. The unique flair bestowed on the pieces prevent them from appearing sterile and cold, like many modern fashion brands. Instead they feel personal and unique, while still delivering a modern, and often luxurious look. The collection is carefully curated by designer and fashion celebrity Rachel Zoe, and each glamorous piece fits her style. The brand is self described as evoking "California vibes with New York confidence." It's classy, modern, and bold, but also playful and at times whimsical, if you can imagine such a combination. No need to imagine, Rachel Zoe has done it.

The prices are higher than you would pay at a typical retail store, but much more reasonable than modern fashion brands in the same echelon of style and quality. And as new collections roll in, previous collections go on sale. In fact, you'll find multiple sale items on just about every page of every category of items. Rachel also offers a much wider variety than many independent designers. Shop dresses, tops, jumpers, jackets, evening wear, bags, shoes, accessories and more. Everything from casual wear to red carpet dresses and everything in between. Shop Rachel Zoe for fashion-savvy modern looks with timeless roots and fun flair.

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