Rent the Runway

You can still order a one-off cocktail dress through RTR, but the company's most popular offerings are actually its subscription services. Its most basic RTR 1 Swap includes four items per month, 2 Swaps includes eight items per month, and Unlimited Swaps includes unlimited items (but you keep four at a time).

They take care of shipping and dry cleaning, and you get unlimited access to a vast selection of high-end clothes you likely wouldn't be able to afford (or be willing to buy) to wear in everyday life. You can rent unlimited pieces on a rotation of four at a time and swap whenever you're done wearing a piece. There are no designated return dates, as long as you keep paying for the service. That means you won't spend 75% of your clothing budget on professional wear or vice versa, only to stress over outfit repeating. 

To return an order, members pop the clothes back into the garment bag they arrived in, swap in their prepaid return label, and drop the bag to any UPS store or their designated drop-boxes. Once Rent the Runway has received the returns, members are notified that they can make new selections.

While its monthly fee is high at over $150, we've found that it's worth the variety, convenience, and style if you're able to comfortably foot the bill. It's also helped us curb our shopping in other areas. And though it's technically a rental service, you'll have the option to purchase most of the items you've rented — in case you fall in love with something and don't want to send it back.

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