Roxy was born in the water. The company emerged from Quiksilver, the surfing clothing brand, and developed into its own line, offering swimsuits and activewear for women. While at its heart, Roxy is essentially for surfer girls, and beach bums, the brand has expanded its collection significantly over the years, and now offers an extremely wide variety of styles, both in activewear and fashion.

Many of Roxy's styles do have strong beach influence; the flowy dresses, the crop tops, tanks, rompers and flip-flops. But expect to find plenty of clothing that seems right at home in non-beach occasions; sweaters, hoodies, shoes, tops, jackets, etc. They have an incredible loungewear section, which makes sense given that comfort seems to be a recurring characteristic in most of their clothing. The active wear collections are probably what Roxy is best known for, and the occasions span from mountain top to oceanside. Roxy offers activewear both for the slopes and the coasts, and you'll find as many amazing snowboarding jackets ad you will surf-ready swimsuits. They also have some great leggings and yoga pants.

If you're a beach girl at heart and/or just want some comfortable and unique styles or activewear, Roxy is the place to be. The company has been around since the early nineties, and is still extremely popular. So you know you can expect good things.

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