Shoebacca began as a philanthropic, grass-roots operation over twenty years ago. It's no exaggeration to say the effort was more about charity and community than profit and growth. The operation sold name-brand footwear to local communities at deeply discounted, very attainable prices. The owners didn't make much, but that wasn't the point. The operation's philanthropic reach grew steadily to the point where the brand was shipping literal truckloads of brand new, name-brand shoes to third world countries.

In 2002, the company started selling on ebay. They saw meteoric growth, and within just a couple years formed, which has seen meteoric growth since, and has become one of the most well known names in the online shoe market. Shoebacca is now one of the best (and most definitely one of the cheapest,) destinations for name-brand footwear in the market.

But don't be fooled by the massive growth, the brand remains as dedicated as ever to its philanthropic principles and to this day remains highly active in charity and community outreach. Gotta love a company that sticks to its principles. I don't know about you, but I always get a warm and fuzzy when I know I'm buying from good people that care about other people, instead of just stuffing their wallets.

The selection on Shoebacca is vast. At any given moment they boast an massive catalog of over 25,000 SKUs. They have truly every style, type, and quality of foot clothing you could ask for. I'm telling you now, do not be fooled by the extremely low prices, they feature the best brands in the market, and even no shortage of luxury brands. Steve Maddens make regular appearance in the inventory. And it kind of goes without saying that you'll find all the household shoe brands in droves; Nike, Puma, NewBalance, Skechers, Timberland, the list goes on.

In addition to the deeply discounted baseline prices, they seem to always have crazy sales going on. Often to the tune of 70%. And the clearance section is always open for business. If the sales are crazy, the clearance section is in a straight jacket in a padded room insane.

For all the aforementioned reasons (not the least of which is knowing Shoebacca is helmed by decent, caring folk,) Shoebacca has become one of my favorite place to shop for screaming deals on shoes. Highly, highly recommend checking them out.

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